We offer an affordable dental membership payment plan, which allows you to access private dentistry, whilst giving you a whole host of benefits. The main reasons our patients sign up to the plan are:

  • Spread the cost of your general preventative care over 12 months
  • 10% discount on all routine treatments
  • Global dental accident and emergency scheme (for more information please visit: www.globaldentalscheme.co.uk)

We are big believers in preventative dentistry. When you start to develop a dental complication (tooth ache, mouth pain etc), the sooner it is picked up and treated, the better the outcome for the patient. Pain is most commonly not the first sign of a dental complication, and as dental professionals we can spot the warning signs at your regular check up appointments.

Evesham Dental Team

Pain is often an indication that a dental complication has progressed further and may therefore require treatment to correct. This can lead to costing you more of your time at the dentist and also having a higher dental bill to achieve dental health. The best way to prevent this is by:

  • Attending your dentist regularly, and;
  • Completing a healthy oral hygiene routine at home every day (morning & night)

By being signed up to a dental plan, you will attend on a regular basis and receive consistent care, which will lead to healthier mouths. As well as our plan patients, we also see pay as you go patients (paying at every appointment). It’s very easy for these patients to push back their routine appointments which will affect their overall dental care.

We have two plans to suit a variety of needs. The first step is to book in for a new patient exam so you can discuss with your treating dentist, which plan will suit you best, based on your oral health needs.

Dental Plan Dental Examinations Hygiene Cleans Emergency Consultations Includes Monthly Cost Yearly Plan Cost Pay As You Go Cost
Membership Plan 2 2 All diagnostic x-rays
Prescriptions & Specialist Referrals
£12.99 £155.88 £320.00
Plan Plus 2 2 2 All diagnostic x-rays
Prescriptions & Specialist Referrals
£21.99 £263.88 £440.00

Children aged between 0-5yrs: We will see them Free of Charge, as long as you are a registered patient with us.

5-11yrs: £4.99 per month

12-18yrs: £7.99 per month.

* Adults also benefit from 10% off any dental treatment

* Children also benefit from Fluoride application where necessary, Orthodontic assessments and ortho extractions if required & 50% off any dental treatment

If you need any further help or advice or would like to sign up to one of the plans, please contact us on 01386 41569.