We offer sedation for nervous patients

Dental sedation aims to soothe and ease nervous patients during their dental procedures. We utilise intravenous (IV) sedation, which is injected into the patient’s arm.

This method effectively induces relaxation, ensuring that the patient remains unaware of the dental procedure and the dentist, promoting a comfortable experience.

Who is Sedation Suitable for?

Sedation is a suitable option for:

  • Aged 16 +
  • Nervous patients
  • Patients With high anxiety levels
  • People who are scared of the dentist
  • Patients with a strong gag reflex

If a patient feels intense fear about visiting the dentist, we can provide sedation for any dental treatment. Fear of the dentist should no longer hinder you from maintaining healthy teeth and gums!

What Happens to Me Once I Have Been Sedated?

Once you’re sedated, treatment commences once the team confirms your fully relaxed and sedated.

Throughout the procedure, a sedation-trained nurse and dentist will regularly monitor your pulse and breathing to ensure your comfort. While you’ll be able to comprehend and respond to questions, you may not recall much about your dental treatment due to two factors:

  • Sedation triggers a profound state of relaxation, alleviating the patient’s conscious awareness of their surroundings and activities.

  • For a short time, sedatives may induce either partial or complete memory loss, resulting in a dental experience that is perceived as pleasant, tranquil, and relaxing.


As a result it would feel like you had been sleeping for the entire treatment. Call us today or fill out our short form below to find out if sedation is a suitable option for you.