What Does An Intraoral Scanner Do?

Intraoral Scanners are a modern advancement in dentistry that has really helped us to improve the workflow for many dental treatments.

If you have ever needed a crown, bridge, denture or mouth appliance, then you may of had an impression taken of your mouth.

The traditional method involves using a tray in the mouth with a soft putty that sets around your teeth. This is then removed and sent to the dental lab. It is not the most pleasant experience (especially for people with a strong gag reflex).

Intra oral scanner

From a patient perspective, this is not the most enjoyable way to have an impression taken. From a dentists point of view, the moulds themselves are not as accurate as we would like them to be (often meaning the lab work will need to be tweaked on site when it is back), and sending the impressions via a courier adds to the time before we can have the completed lab work back. This whole process is not as slick as it could be.

This is where an Intraoral scanner comes into play with a digital workflow.

How Does An Intraoral Scanner Work?

Using the hand piece, we can carefully and quickly scan your entire mouth in a couple of minutes. No more putty, no more moulds, no more mess. The scans are sent directly to our computers where we can show you a 3d generated model of your mouth. This serves two purposes, if there are any particular concerns in your mouth we would like to show you, you will be able to see it on the big screen, allowing you to make an educated decision with your dental care. Secondly, we are able to send these models directly to the dental lab so they can make a start on the work. This allows us to further improve the workflow without requiring a courier to pick up the impressions!

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