What Is Airflow Therapy?

Airflow Therapy is a great way to remove any superficial staining on your teeth. It’s completely pain & risk free, and the perfect follow up to a scale & polish (hygiene visit) and before having you teeth whitened.

Using a combination of air, jet water and sodium bicarbonate, Airflow Therapy dramatically polishes and cleans your teeth. It’s like a jet car wash, but for your teeth!

Why Have Airflow Therapy?

Airflow Therapy takes stain removal to the next level. The standard scale & polish completed by your hygienist will tackle the build up of plaque and minor surface staining on the teeth, but for more stubborn stains, Airflow is a great treatment to have.

Airflow Therapy Evesham

Do I Need To Have a Scale & Polish First?

In short yes. The reason why a scale & polish is completed first, is so any plaque and tartar is removed, as this will impact the effectiveness of the Airflow Therapy.

Is Teeth Whitening Best To Have After Airflow Therapy?

Teeth whitening works by breaking the stains on your teeth into smaller pieces, making it less concentrated, giving you a brighter smile. By having Airflow Therapy first, you will be dramatically removing tough stains on your teeth, allowing the whitening gel to have a cleaner canvas to bring out an even brighter smile.

Book Your Airflow Therapy Today

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